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Reptile Krew is not just a Clothing Brand. We are a Krew of like minded people with passion and dedication for an Industry that we love and support.  Reptile Krew was created by Johnny Zimmerman who has been a reptile enthusiast and breeder in the Reptile Industry for over 30 years. His dedication and passion for reptiles is what inspired him to start the first ever Clothing Brand from within this Industry. With hard work, consistency, and determination, matched with creative designs, he finally made his dream turn into a reality. Come join our Krew!

About our Industry

The Reptile Industry Consists of Breeders, Enthusiasts, Scientists, and Reptile Lovers who come together to breed, promote, and preserve many different species of reptiles and amphibians. Our goal is to unite our Industry with other Industries with this Amazing and Stylish Clothing Brand that was started from the same love and passion that fuels others to pursue their Goals and Dreams like we have.